A letter to my Conservative, anti-drug friends and family

My ego is my most prized possession.  My concept of self, the stories I tell myself that are reinforced by my subconscious, are strengthened and trained at a world class level- Floyd Mayweather’s training schedule, it never stops, he is in conditioning mind and body all day, every day.   The negative forces of my mind have only been fed the negative voices that reside below my conscious level of awareness

What if we all decided today, to put aside all the propaganda, all the stuff that I don’t need that crazy LSD stuff, mushrooms is for hippies, that is, at its core, fear of your own demons? And drop acid, or mushrooms or ayahuasca?   LSD is actually considered much more gentle than mushrooms contrary to popular opinion.

“Don’t you think your taking a shortcut? Just flying off to some retreat in Peru?” My sister derided my spiritual seeking, and she has yet to click open an article of the many thousands that exist on the internet about the topic.

So what if I’m taking a shortcut, so fucking what if I’m sick of sitting on a therapist’s couch for hours for the rest of my life and taking anti-depressants that make it difficult to get a boner and stay awake during class and I gain weight and become more forgetful and sluggish in thought and apathetic?

LSD has already been proven to be less neurotoxic than anti-depressants.  Does anyone care to investigate the large number of suicides resulting from antidepressant use?  Oh, no, pharmaceutical DRUGS are safe, we take their word for it.   1 death from a bad batch of LSD, and 2500 deaths from residual effects, or sudden stopping of antidepressant medication, well it’s still more safe,…. right??  The Vegas shooter was on anti-depressants at the time of the massacre this year.

I am ready and willing to have a conversation with you when you actually try one of the many medicines available in the psychedelic arena.  But until then, stay in the safe box and don’t expose yourself to something I feel would be irresponsible and negligent to not avail every person I know of.   What if someone had this conversation at the age of 20, had actually taken a vested interest in my well-being and tried to turn me on (close-minded and stubborn as I was at that age) and make a concerted effort to continually try to educate me on the medicines?

Could I have saved myself an extra 6 years of needless psychic pain of carrying a burden that I don’t need to carry, the shame and guilt that if one could open their eyes to some of the thing the medicines want to teach us, would be alleviated.  How much more gratefulness and joy would be injected into your life in a lasting way?  The risk I run is alienated myself as a zealot, as idealogical as Jeff Sessions in the “Just Say No” campaign as.   If the gentle and graceful Nancy Reagan only knew how many thousands of deaths and overdoses her stern and naïve campaign really led to.  Crack is the same chemical as cocaine, it is just in a different form, yet crack was given more severe prison sentences, coincidentally, crack was prevalent in poor black communities, because that is where the CIA wanted those drugs.   The “war on drugs” was never meant to be won because it is an ever growing cash cow for those in power.

If Erectile Dysfunction and being a dulled out pill head for the rest of my life is the alternative, then I’m ALL FOR shortcuts.   It may be a shortcut, but at least it cuts down to the actual root of the problem , it doesn’t attempt to play whack a mole at the surface level with problems that sprout up and need to be dulled and minimized.  No, the pain needs to be delved into, experienced to its full terror and power.

The woman raped repeatedly at the age of five who has repressed those memories below the level of conscious awareness, needs to re-live and integrate those memories to be able to fully release them and move on with her life.   Benzodiazepines: Valium, Xanax, klonopin are poison, they mask and dull emotion, they don’t treat anything.

Fear of looking at the world from a different perspective.  What if you decided that, no, the sheep, the herd don’t operate with truth as their end-goal, people that demonize scorn, or simply stay in their safe of bubble of consciousness are valuing fear over openness to experience.  The 50 year old millionaire banker who voted for trump and 70 year old grandma retired teacher, dirt-poor 17 year old kid, they all would benefit equally,  no you’re not so precious that you shouldn’t have an experience that affects and influences the collective consciousness.  We have so much more power and influence that popular culture would lead us to believe.

The idealistic hippies that set up communes and the producers of “orange sunshine” LSD that wanted to “turn on the world” had the right idea, and the reverberations of his efforts are still being felt, in music, art, environmentalism, fiction.  But “A society will change only when its basic illusions has been exhausted.”   have we exhausted the basic illusion that of trying to play the morality police with drug use is just destructive and leads to many many more deaths and increases violence, poverty.   “Drugs are bad.”  But have some of these drugs that the multibillion cash cow pharmaceutical companies have declared “good drugs.”  That have just as little regulation as the bad drugs.  its just they allow the public to exist at a low level of consciousness and serve the power structures of corporations.  And corporations control and run government through bribe and million dollar payouts yearly.

Can we have a conversation about outer space today about the realms of the unconscious, about the level to which our consciousness has been brutalized into submission by CULT-ure.   “Culture is not your friend”-Terence Mckenna.  It is a self-confirming hyper-loop designed to confirm and support the status quo and group cohesion, and obedience to the ideals that the ruling class imposes and demands of the lower class to precisely keep the upper class upper.

who said anything worth doing is easy?  Who said you’re so precious that happiness should be delivered on a silver platter because you make 300k and have 2 kids and a house?   What is the divorce rate at these days, 60% of married people divorce?  Who says we all don’t have a shadow side and are a deep labyrinth of complex yearning for meaning and making contact with the divine and transcending this skeleton and flesh?

I believe our the collective consciousness and the survival of this planet depends on this shift away from ego perspective.   Trying to explain a terrifying, heavenly and profoundly heartening psychedelic experience “the dreaded heaven and hell” as the Beatles called it, is like an astronaut trying to explain to someone what its like to be in space, and view earth as a distant object, to see our entire world from the objective viewing distance and see its just another speck in the greater whole.  In turn seeing your precious little ego as a speck of sand, that I don’t matter nearly as much I do yet this liberates to freely express myself   I can never accurately describe the what an ego shattering experience and pure union with earth and existence. But WHY WHY WHY don’t you want that??  When has the government ever demonstrated that they have your wellness and health as their number one concern.   It is at its base, seeing that we see one dimensionally in our waking consciousness, we are evolutionary programming beings meant to forget our divinity in service of advancement of the DNA of our species.

The world would be a radically different place if every single person, most all, U.S. government officials were mandated to take some of the sacred medicine before being given the privilege of residing over citizens.  Most or all are crooks,  let’s call a spade a spade.

If you can’t handle seeing the truth and darkness in yourself, you can’t mandate what “truth” is for others.  If I was president, everyone would have to take Ayahuasca before picking up a gun to go to war or hold government office.  Maybe we need militant mindfulness.  I imagine government mindfulness and meditation where we can go and hold hands and find refuge with others seeking healing.    Psilocybin retreat centers will be the predominant and most prevalent mental health treatment in the US and we will all kick ourselves for resisting this powerful sacred medicine for so long.    The demons of the political circus need a sledgehammer taken to ego to see it smashed into a thousand pieces. Life altering psychedelic work is the only thing that can save the U.S. government from the overpowering draw to greed, power, deception, and the eventual destruction of our natural habitats.

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