I can see the clogged truth in your face

I think there’s something you should know
I think it’s time I told you so
There’s something deep inside of me
There’s someone else I’ve got to be
Take back your picture in a frame
Take back your singing in the rain
I just hope you understand
Sometimes the clothes do not make the man
All we have to do now
Is take these lies and make them true somehow
All we have to see
Is that I don’t belong to you
And you don’t belong to me yeah yeah
– Freedom, George Michael
I just have no patience for the human constructs, of sexual normalcy, monogamy, religion, black and white moralism.  It just bores the fuck out of me and is plain childish, the way society wants to spoon feed us this groupthink bullshit, that preys on the fact that people are just too terrified to oppose the angry herd of sheep.
It’s funny, now I feel I can see actual clogged truth in people’s faces, they so badly want to say something true, or confrontational, but they can’t, so it manifests as anxiety, anger, confusion, self-hatred, paper thin-false politeness infused with some snippy passive aggression.
Let truth flow like water, let truth flow like blood of the your slayed ego monsters,  for your emotional heart cleansing,  agreeableness be damned, that shit is poisoning you while you hold it in.  Would you rather keep poison inside your body than just express your dislike of someone and establish your boundaries?   Some would rather choke and die on their truth than say one disagreeable word, or be perceived as “selfish” in any way.  It’s not selfish, it’s self love.
Someone close to me said to me recently:
“You are such a narcissist! You think your  Jesus, the messiah, all we ever talk about when we are together is YOU.”
“Well, I’m glad you said that, goddamn it must feel good to get that out.  Why is it that I have to agitate you so much just you to get to speak a sentence of truth?  Why always pretend to be nice when we are together?  This is good, though, for both of us, this is catharsis.  And your right, I am a selfish ego maniac, I’ve really been trying to reign it in lately.”  I said.   ” We should do this more often.”
Self love is the only love.  If your partner doesn’t love him or herself, then they sure as shit don’t love you.
If they can’t love the vessel, spirit, that they spend every waking and sleeping second in, in their time on earth in and experience consciousness, then how the fuck can they love anything they perceive in their field of vision, that is outside of them?

Don’t listen to the narcissists who are experts in extortion of your time and energy who could give a fuck about the real you, they just want to slurp up your energy because they are dead and rotting inside.

I’m just trying to find deeper knowledge through both of our soul’s access to infinite wisdom, SILLY ME, wanting to exchange ideas not knowing most people are too buried in illusion and attached to ego to view anything from a higher perspective!!! It’s almost like every single person you encounter is fragile in some way,

they need you to subscribe to a few illusions and meet them at their level of safety/frequency or else it will trigger them.

I empathize though because that was me for most of my life.  And you know what? The world is a pretty fucked up place with millions of people who had parents that never gave them the time of day or loved them.  Parents are lazy and don’t do shit to heal themselves before bringing a new life into the world, so they just transfer all their trauma to their children.  Alot of people shouldn’t have the privilege of having a kid when you take all your emotional issues out on the kid, they never have a chance!

Sam can’t sustain his own energy because it is based on a lie.  He has the worst clogged-truth-face I’ve ever seen, it poisons his soul and his organs.  The only way I can get him to act in a NON-agreeable-false-messiah-do-no-harm facade is by openly calling him out on his lies and false politeness,  But what he doesn’t realize is that he hates me and calls me a narcissist because he hates and refuses to confront the truths in himself that much, that his life is a lie, based on draining his energy doing deeds and cultivating an image for people he doesn’t even like.  Narcissists are world-class at pretending to be victims, and convincing you that you are a narcissist.

If he is not a victim of your tyranny, than that means he might actually be the creator of his own life and be responsible for every last thing, person, outcome in his life.   Can’t have that now can we.

Fuck your idols and money addiction, sex addiction.   Validation and fame whores are everywhere. People too insecure and cowardly to ever look inside themselves to find anything real and true. They’d rather continue the self-hatred and stay in their prison of ego and fear and JUDGE a person who actually tries to CREATE SOMETHING in this world.

I see your smile and your laugh, but I FEEL, that your dead inside, so I’m good on your empty words and empty gestures, I gave up the rehearsed dance of mutual confirmation of illusions a while ago.  The self-righteous phonies are everywhere, ….pretend to be nice, but then be petty and passive aggressive.   Stop pretending to like me, you fraud.  Say a true sentence for once in your life that’s not meant to “please.”

Can you face the truth that you love your misery, judgment, anger, so much, that you wouldn’t let go of it in a million years?  Most people say that they want to give it up, but their actions and their pettiness says otherwise.

Your identity is based on an illusion, on money.  And acceptance, acceptance from who?  A bunch of vapid, hollow, morons who never stood up for a personal truth in their entire life? Hahaha.

Come be free with me…..where nothing is more important than your inner peace, most especially being liked by fakes.  Roar that truth out of you and be free of the chains shackling you to the pretend niceness.  Doesn’t it feel so good when you say something you’ve been holding in for your whole life….just to keep up a polite rapport with someone.  Fuck that shit, be free.

Being free: where being disliked by most people is actually a huge compliment, because most people are FAKE, and not even living their own life.


My golden rules:

Real attracts real.

Fake attracts Fake.

Real triggers Fake.

Fake talks shit about real behind their back.

Real triggers repressed.

Repressed attracts repressed.

Being real is a lonely path, but walk the path anyway.  The others are out there.

Happy dating!

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