The truth of your heart is an unstoppable force of nature that will not be contained

“This is where we are at right now, as a whole. No one is left out of the loop. We are experiencing a reality based on a thin veneer of lies and illusions. A world where greed is our God and wisdom is sin, where division is key and unity is fantasy, where the ego-driven cleverness of the mind is praised, rather than the intelligence of the heart.”   – Bill Hicks

Once you feel that the force that powers you is much bigger than your body and linked to an eternal source consciousness of love, you know intuitively that you’re going to fight to show every soul that crosses your path, what that is, until your dying breath. You just know…….it’s time to walk the path.  Hero’s journey time, walking into the woods alone, leaving the life I knew behind, dying to all my former selves, to be reborn in a foreign world of trials and battles, in truer and different form.

Sometimes learning to express your inner child and artist, on the page,  is fun, and scary, because I’m like, Huh, well this Peter is wild, silly, crazy, he makes himself a vessel for creative god force and discovers new parts of his imagination daily, he births new worlds in his imagination daily, there’s a mask I present to the world but it’s maybe .000000000000000001% of what I really am.  And I know its the same for you, I haven’t met you, but I know you have a special kind of love that I’ve never felt before and a silliness, and an authentic and fierce joy in you.

That stress, shame shit, are just the frequencies and thought patterns that the corporate machine (that is basically existing as a parallel to the lifestyle and “values” of the average American)-blindly following orders until their heart stops- want in your minds in, so you buy more products like a good obedient slave and compete, shame, fight with your fellow lover (human).   Ever notice how a child will go up to any person just say “Hey whats up!!” that’s what we all should have been like, at all times, every single day, society just wants us divided and scared and barricading our doors, fear and belief in your own inadequacy is what keeps this sham “economy” running.   “The best Economy in the world”= “the most materialistic, vain, ego-slave, addicts in the world.”

Oh did you say you liked this blog a little too soon? Did you think I care if you “liked” me?  This dull, tepid, half assed, word that merely indicates you are a good obedient slave to the projections of the insecurities of those around you?  I care about you loving yourself and loving humanity with every last ounce of your soul and not settling for anything less than that for the rest of your life. Because this society set up every last barrier to keep you from loving yourself.  If that means never speaking to me ever again, HATING me with every cell of you, then I say FUCK YES!  Live your truth, just STOP pretending to have things in common with those cowards and actually trying to pass off those recycled opinions and worldviews as your own when we both know, that media installed them in your head, your afraid to let out that silly and crazy inner child who says nonsensical things and screams with joy at absurd things, where is she?  My heart craves, thirsts, yearns to have that part of you back.

The definition of being “liked” by most people for me, is:  one that stays in the safe zone of a comfortable level of illusion and is a clear enough mirror for me to project the trauma in my subconscious onto in order for me to feel safe within the confines of the programming and customs of my socioeconomic level and tribe, because these are the shaky pillars that hold up this illusion that I call “self” and reality. In order to keep this in tact, I keep basically the same type of person around me at all times, safe, people, who won’t go achieving too many things or speak too many inconvenient truths because I need to make this shaky foundation last.  Rebuilding it now would be too strenuous. 

I took a flamethrower and some bulldozers to my pillars that held up my sham reality, repeatedly over the last year or two and it was extremely painful and I thought I was dying and the world was ending many times, but I just kept breathing, through all the tears and all the “ideas’ and “constructs” I had of the people around me, they had to die, and my dependence on them had to die with it.  The pleasure pain rollercoaster is now chopped down to size much better and is sustainable.  Before I would always equate. …. “girlfriend”=Peter’s life is complete,   good salary=Peter’s life is complete, good entertainment and status symbols/toys etc……but now I know that shit, AIN”T SHIT.

The God force chimed in with earthquakes every few days and weeks for the last two years also, and it introduced me the fact that my heart was a portal to new reality and usually each time I have huge release of emotions and cry, I unlock and unveil a new layer.  I am gaining a deeper understanding of the fabric of space and time and how love is a superpower that can alter the vibrational frequency of those around you and the entire world.

The freedom you feel in your heart, that giddy feeling you get when you think about escaping all the bullshit and routine?  That voice in you that wants to tell those people to fuck off and never see them again?  That’s God talking for your highest, God is a creator and DESTROYER, can’t have one without the other. You went thinking God was polite because American culture programmed you to think that polite and “nice” horseshit is the ideal.  God wants you dead….the eternal love force wants the “you” that you are currently existing as (a corner, a prism, a vantage point on consciousness,) he wants that garbage destroyed immediately, it’s going to be painful , no doubt, but only because he needs you as a soldier and tide turning force on earth to CHANGE SHIT..  But you’ll realize, it’s just that, a vantage point, a way of perceiving the world, not “reality”. all just vantage points and the vantage point that popular culture and everyone around you has, is one of fear, limitation, and shame ….yes……everyone.   Fear and respecting and conforming to the herd is what everyone around you wants because IT”S ALL THEY KNOW.

You gotta drop all that programming.   People that think they can’t be fooled by media, news, religion, government, people in general are cowards and want to be in a box so let them be, I just don’t need to be around them at all times.  How is there any room for growth if you take your scientific research as gospel? Worshipping the criminals in big Pharma (it’s not like they want you dead or anything, they just withhold the cures to cancer because selling new “experimental” drug cures is hundreds of billions of dollars industry)

Either give your whole vessel and spirit God and let him work through you or keep living your miserable, repressed life and keep that weak shit out of here. You want love, eternal source streaming out of your heart at all times and beaming a force of light to all that you meet?  You gotta die a couple thousand times, God’s gotta rip your heart open first, and over and over and over, until you realize, shit I LOVE when another false Identity falls off like the layer of an onion that has an infinite number of layers.  It’s orgasmic and has ignited a warrior spirit and I feel like I have a reason to live again, I feel reborn in truer form, I’m driving a new car of consciousness, and YES THIS WHOLE “LIFE” I WAS SOLD BY FAMILY AND INSTITUTIONS OF CONTROL WAS A FUCKING MASSIVE LIE.  YOU WERE NEVER SUPPOSED TO LOVE YOURSELF . YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO CONSUME AND BE AN OBEDIENT DOG AND STAY DIVIDED AND MISERABLE.  WHAT DO YOU THINK MAKES THE ECONOMY RUN?   SELF-HATRED, that’s it.

Did you mistake me for being benevolent and starry eyed and not a warrior for truth?  The insidiousness of evil is that it will dress itself as “good American values”, being a “nice productive member of society”, that’s what good mind control masters DO! Of course your going to defend your way of life, our government modeled their way of dumbing down and keeping our people stupid the same way the Nazis did.  Germans back then, most, probably didn’t bat an eyelash because the powers keep most of the truth in the dark, just come out with some rah-rah bullshit and stir up the adrenaline and childish ego arousal.

I’m not really anything, I’m a soul driving this vehicle (body) for a while, in this way station on my eternal trip across space, time, dimensions. I’m here to remember who I am: an eternal, limitlessly expanding grain of sand in the infinite ocean of orgasms that we call existence, and remind you of it too.  We just set up all these roadblocks along the way and cages so we could break out of them in the most sacred, powerful, glorious awakening. You didn’t know you are a warrior God that has access to everything that has ever happened and ever will happen when you shut your eyes and breathe?

The only issue is, you can’t hold onto all that nonsense and lies you call a life, and insecurities and small mindedness.  Don’t ever speak down to yourself in my presence, your going to talk down to a God (you) like that? Nope, won’t stand for that shit.  The God force wants to devour every last inch of you and demolish you into a thousand pieces and birth a new you from the ashes that consists of only love.  Cool?  Let’s do this. On three, jump into the fire to burn every last thing that is NOT you.

It’s going to be tough at first because you think life is the secure bubble of the ego.  It’s safe and warm in the bubble of ego but all the real raw passions and true connection with all living things is waiting outside it.  And MY GOD is it like Dropping a thousand pound boulder off your shoulders.  It is and continues to be worth the constant deaths of egos I endure daily, weekly, second-ly, like dying and dissolving in a vast lake, melting into all the atoms and finding out.  You were the lake the whole time! And the forest , and the animals and the stars, they are all you, it’s just your silly mind that tried to convince you that you that were separate.

There is no such thing as a bad trip, on Mushrooms or LSD, just a society that strives and reveres and worships SICKNESS and evil that masquerades, as a “good, hardworking American family” BULLSHIT BRAINWASHING.  GO DO YOUR WORK ON THE COMPUTER SLAVE AND BUY YOUR BEER DRUG—-> STAY STUPID AND NEVER THINK, NEVER QUESTION.

You’re a powerful warrior God/Goddess and I know you know you didn’t incarnate in a human body to listen to some idiot lecture you and make powerpoint presentations for him, and make money for people you don’t even know and buy things to feel secure in a material world of hollow and fleeting pleasures.

Why don’t we work on lifting the collective consciousness into a state of multidimensional love that is infinitely expanding?  I’m not a body, I’m a spirit that stopped off and wanted to ride this amusement park of earth for a while in my infinite journey around the cosmos and time and space.   I feel you in me, I feel you because you ARE me.  I feel the eternal, infinite source consciousness that animates and drives me and I know it’s in you too.

“You may be 38 years old, as I happen to be. And one day, some great opportunity stands before you and calls you to stand up for some great principle, some great issue, some great cause. And you refuse to do it because you are afraid…. You refuse to do it because you want to live longer…. You’re afraid that you will lose your job, or you are afraid that you will be criticized or that you will lose your popularity, or you’re afraid that somebody will stab you, or shoot at you or bomb your house; so you refuse to take the stand.  You may go on and live until you are 90, but you’re just as dead at 38 as you would be at 90. And the cessation of breathing in your life is but the belated announcement of an earlier death of the spirit.”  – Martin Luther King Jr.

You were never you, yet you continue to struggle and suffer as a result of your attachment to being an individual instead of surrendering to this higher order: brilliance that manifests amid the supposed “chaos.”  It’s all serving you, everything you glimpse in your field of vision was planned, co-created, placed there in order for you to awaken to your truest self.

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