Letter to my newborn nephew- Welcome to Earth. You’re here to show us the magical, eternal love that only your DNA has. You’re going to experience hell, heaven, and everything in between here.

Dear _________,

You chose a hell of a planet to incarnate on, thanks for coming, because we need all the help we can get.   You’re a warrior for choosing to come here and anchor down your frequency and awaken hearts around you.

It hurts my heart thinking about the pain that you’re going to have to endure here.  I know you will be able to handle it, or else you wouldn’t have come here.  You have fire in you, and eventually that fire is going to consume you, and destroy you over and over and over.

After you die in your heart enough times, you will realize death is an illusion, the heart only wants to take you deeper into it’s portal/blackhole to birth new realities that contain deeper surrender, magic, and love.  The ego will merely convince you that your body is permanent or that leaving a human body is the “end.”  Leaving this body isn’t the end.

These deaths of a seemingly infinite amount of earthly identities will be necessary to find the deepest truth of why you are in a human body.  We all have to forget why we came and have our memories wiped before incarnating, it’s just a part of the mission.

There are going to be many times when you question why you’re here, you’re going to feel the pain of this entire world in your heart, one moment, and the ecstasy of jumping into the ocean on a sunny day, the next.  You’re heart will be ripped open when someone you love dies.  Your heart will sing eternal melodies from the lowest base register to the highest soprano ones, when you meet your first crush.

The most beautiful part of this trip is the unveiling, the un-layering of all the illusions in this life, to discover the naked, magnificence of what you truly are, and to swallow the fact that this life, will never happen again.   It is a miracle. YOU are a miracle.  You will  feel the boundlessness of your multidimensional soul and that you have access to infinity and eternity when you go within.

When you taste and feel that the kingdom of heaven resides within you, you will  learn, really swallow, digest, integrate, go through a metamorphosis, and then embody the truth…… that your physical vessel is only a car and your eternal soul is manning the wheel and the controls.   There will be nothing you can’t achieve on this earth plane.

You are going to suffer unfathomable, incomprehensible pain and continue breaking that threshold of the pain in your heart, into what seems like an endless void.   The reason this will need to happen, is to dissolve, the immense, all-consuming forces of control, in the mass-media, in institutions, in your family, that will be fed to you in order to dim the eternal rock star of a soul that you are.

Never let anyone tell you who you are, or neutralize the rocket fuel and eternal fire that’s in your soul.  They are going to pull out every last stop, every last tactic to convince you to be SAFE, PREDICTABLE.  The people that are closest to you, will employ this force in astounding magnitude.   I’m going to be here the whole time, reminding you what you really are:  a rock-star, take-no-shit, warrior soul, that came here to change the world.  It’s simply impossible for you to be anything less than a divine, multi-dimensional, miracle angel with superpowers.

When they tell you to conform, to “fit in”, to think what they think, to take their fear-based bullshit as the truth, I’m going to be here reminding you how powerful you are.   I feel you in my heart.  I’m with you at every moment.   The pain is coming, the seemingly endless stream of bullshit, conformity, groupthink, humans in deep pain who wear masks, and listen to their captors (the government, and media).  You have guts for volunteering for all of this.   I can give you some guidance and wisdom, with the little sliver of knowledge I have acquired while being on planet earth.

I’m still basically clueless though.  That’s part of the thrill and mystery, the earth-shattering beauty of what being alive here is like.  I don’t know exactly why you came here, but I do know that you volunteered to come here for a very specific, exact reason.  Deep down, you knew that at some point in your life, you would remember what it is, no matter how painful, blinded, and adrift you became along the way, that’s why you are a hero to me.

Never let the cowards get you down, because there’s tons and tons of them.  People that are too afraid to do anything that even approaches truth or authenticity.  So that shame they are carrying about how they live a lie and hide behind masks like money, romantic partners, status……these people will attempt to transmit shame and fear into your energy field, every single time you interact with them (most of earth).  You’re here to show people what it means to be willing to die, every single day, for a deeper love and a deeper surrender, because this planet needs to be woken up.

My hope is that my life: my failures, my adventures, my humiliations, the ways I cut my heart open in front of people and ask them to have a bite……will serve as a guide to you.    You don’t have one single, teeny tiny, morsel, particle, atom, to be upset or feel bad about, EVER.  They will try so, so hard to install the program of shame in your mind in order to have you fit into the slave matrix.  Shame is imaginary, it is not real.  Your soul is one gazillion times more valuable than money, achievement, a job, a grade in school, looks, a partner, etc.

You’re here to change the world.  We’re going to do it together.  Really, you will be the one teaching and mentoring me how to love deeper, how to express my soul in more authentic ways.

You speak a completely new heart language that I am looking forward to learning.  You are light-years farther ahead on the evolutionary curve of the human heart than I am.  You are going to be my mentor, burning your powerful soul candle, upon which I will re-ignite my inner child that’s been hiding away for so long.  You will help many, many more find ignition to the long malfunctioning engine of their soul.  You’re here to RE-IGNITE the flame inside the people around you: the people that only temporarily forgot, that we all have God consciousness.

You came just in time.  We’re in striking distance of the golden age.  Spiritual warriors like you are leading the charge, I’m honored to help steer, direct, remind you in any way I can, that you came here for nothing less than the most glorious mass-awakening this earth has ever seen. You made the cut for that, you knew the immense amount of pain you would suffer, but you volunteered for that, because that’s how much strength and love you have in you.

Nothing can ever touch you. You are a beaming star of eternal source light and you have an army of angels and higher-dimensional guardians surrounding you at every moment.



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