My Spiritual Awakening Experience (Part 2 of 2) (my (life story)- video

Part 1 can be found on my youtube channel, for background and more about my choildhood, upbringing and experience of being a highly sensitive, intuitive soul

Youtube channel : Peter D’Agnes

Instagram: @peterdagnes

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In the fall of 2018, my first nephew was born and my uncle died in the same 2 month span. This was the perfect metaphor/divine timing for what began a season and year of intense deaths, rebirths and metamorphosis in my life.

I talk about how my nephew being born changed my perspective on mortality and was a major milestone in maturity in my life. Also, how grieving the death of my uncle taught me so many lessons about the heart and the nature of death and life, how it is to celebrated and that we are all just preparing to die and go home.

I returned to Peru in February 2019 for the 2nd time to take the medicine Ayahuasca with a Shaman for 4 ceremonies over a span of 7 days.

I go into some of the epiphanies I had during these ceremonies.

I talk about the difficult integration with Ayahuasca and building myself back up from the ashes after the 4 ceremonies with Ayahuasca, that yet again obliterated everything I thought I knew about “reality”, God, Self and opened my heart, mind and soul, to unimaginable and miraculous dimensions of experience.

This trip to Peru for Ayahuasca in February 2019 felt very like “going home” and meeting my star family, getting the advanced course on this thing we call consciousness.

I speak about how I finally start to get a handle on this spiritual awakening thing and having an open third eye, receiving psychic downloads constantly, being super sensitive to energies and really integrating into my life and not being afraid of it anymore.

The experience of loving myself is very new, weird even, when I have never loved myself and was abusive to myself your whole life.

I describe the steps taken and feelings I had: the agony and ecstasy, the anguish and the triumph of the long journey home to reuniting with my higher self.

2019 for me, was the year of the masculine, harmonizing dualing polarities, having an inner child parented by the mother and father equally.

In this year I learned that I if I can heal anything INSIDE myself: Fear, shame, trauma, anger, I can conquer anything in the outside world and the power of love and the heart can incinerate anything in it’s path.

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