Ego deaths/identity crisis’s during Spiritual Awakening #starseed #pleiadian

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I speak about the extreme highs and lows of my spiritual awakening in the process of excavating painful trauma in mself, expanding consciousness, activating remembrance of past lives and my ancient DNA.

2017-2019 for me were years of my dark night of the soul, I went on a journey into myself and the magic of the universe that I could not possibly imagine.

New dimensions and realities were birthed inside of me and I go into the intensity of the sadness, the shedding of layers at the same time of this intense heart opening and DNA activations in the most intense period of my life.

The experience of many lightworkers the past few years has been quantum evolution, almost magical, faster than your mind or eyes can even comprehend. The deaths and rebirths are happening so fast that you can’t even get your head on straight.

The Peter D’Agnes Podcast is now available on Apple Podcasts App on IPhone.

Here is the homepage/player of my podcast

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