How Ayahuasca changed my life (video)

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Instagram : @peterdagnes

Twitter: @thesoberhombre

My Youtube Channel :…

See a video recap of my 2nd of the 4 ceremonies in 8 days in the Amazon in Peru here: (meeting higher dimensional being) :

I describe my fourth Ayahuasca ceremony where I experienced a profoundly life changing ride in another dimension where I experience a lasting feeling of bliss and eternity that words cannot describe.

I list tips for those thinking about having the Ayahuasca experience.

I describe difficulties in integrating the lessons I learned from taking Ayahuasca 4 times (4 ceremonies in Peru) and how hard it is to see alot of the things learned from culture and institutions are a lie.

Check out my full life story (my Spiritual Awakening Experience) in this video here:…

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