Your eyes tell the most beautiful story, in them I feel that fracture in your soul, the one that taught you the meaning of love (poem)

Your eyes,

they are a portal straight into that day,

when we skipped home together with our backpacks on,

getting off the bus,

in third grade, we ran up the block to play basketball on the street

the excitement of finishing a school day,

running home with the reckless abandon of a sailor on the open ocean,

searching for a new landmass.

Since then,

the pressure to fit in,

with the machine,

has eroded our connection,

but I never forgot,

that cozy feeling of “home” in my heart that I always had around you.

I feel the pain,

the grief,

the chasm,

the fracture,

between person you used to be,

and the one you are settling into now,

like learning to drive the new gear shifts

that have been added to your new and pristine soul Ferrari,

Born and birthed out of the fires and destruction of the walls,

around your heart,

that you erected,

when you thought love was something that needed to be earned.

I see the gaping wound in your heart,

that still bleeds,

that was left by the people who didn’t love you for your uniqueness,

but instead tormented you, and piled on insults

because they winced at the reflection of their own hearts

that you showed them,

You flew like an angel, high up in the sky

and many couldn’t understand it, so they tried to destroy it,

to shrink it down to their level,

you stretched out your heart palette so wide,

the eternal soul light shined through so bright,

into the parts of my heart that I didn’t want anyone to see,

and it helped me to love those ugly parts of myself.

it blinded many, they didn’t want to be near it.

The wounds became calcified and healed into a heart with a wider surface area,

with a smoother, soft green grass, colorful daisies, tulips, sunflowers

each acting as an antenna,

pulsing out a clearer, crisper radio signal of love to the universe,

like a hive of honey, nourishing hungry and ravenous bees,

while also receiving new notes via these antennas,

expanding the musical scale of our one eternal heart.

I feel the grooves,

the peaks and troughs,

the push and pull,

of the tides of your heart

that you almost drowned in, so many times.

I never want to stop riding,

these unpredictable waves in our hearts,

that change like the weather of the Cosmos,

the sea of emotions that our hearts ride through,

searching for the new world,

the new landscape,

that stretches out to infinity,

on the horizon.

I’ll keep dancing this heart waltz with you into eternity,

you give me a feeling of smelling the sweetest strawberry lip gloss,

and my heart expands,

breathes a sigh of deep relief,

because I know you exist.

My heart is yours

and your heart is mine.


All one.

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