Who am I? / Why do I write this blog?

I have an over-active imagination which probably led me to quit my job, travel the world and start this blog. I am a recovering dating app-addict.  I’m searching for meaning, one awkward encounter at a time.  I don’t like bacon or small talk. Loud bars and clubs irritate me. I am sober.

Shouldn’t writing be the reward in itself? Published, or never seen by another pair of eyes except yours?   I have God energy flowing from my spirit (as we all do), to my conscious mind then down through my fingers, onto the page.

Writing in this FLOW state and bypassing the conscious mind, is such a great joy for me.  I believe it is why I am here on earth, to share God’s infinite diversity of expression through my written word.    When I try to summon my higher self and my spirit guides, to speak through me, I let the creative flow state take over,  I’m not thinking consciously, I’m just letting the creative sparks, fly and catch a flame in the kindling, surrendering to the God energy that wants to express itself through my empty vessel.

Great writers don’t “write”.  They channel God.  I write and share that writing to discover new parts of the infinitely creative source energy that powers my soul and body.

Branding Peter………making this blog “marketable” …. I don’t want to deal with all that bullshit, I just want to channel God and make the pain in my heart into sequences of words that help people feel the pain that I feel so they know they aren’t alone.   I WANT TO POUR MY BLOOD ONTO A PAGE AND THEN CLICK SEND AND BE DONE.  Is that so much to ask, without all the other bells and whistles shit?